All-Inclusive Wedding Day Storytelling

Our Lovely August Bride: Lauren Fisher

August 16, 2018

Bloomfloras’ goal is to work with a variety of couples that encourage us to challenge ourselves artistically. Each couple presents us with something unique to consider as part of the planning and design process. We love our couples and make it a point to become a friend that they can love & trust.

Bloomflora wants to share our couples & brides experiences with you!

Lauren & Ryan Fischer

One would describe Lauren and Ryan as a modern couple with an elegant edge. Lauren is a motivated executive in advertising and Ryan specializes in building custom homes and contracting.

It was the most fun working with Lauren during the wedding planning process; she was assertive and knew exactly what she wanted! She had her vision and it was easily translated.

Lauren selected the stylish French Market in Rumson NJ to meet with our team. Of course she would pick the cutest spot in town! She told us that she selected the French Market because it reminded her of the Bloomflora style. The French market was like a dream; covered floor to ceiling in rustic country décor, raw wood tables with white accents, homemade baked products, and stylish collectibles you must have! We nestled ourselves at a white marble bistro table with our expressos and treats to chat.

Bloomflora: Thanks, for meeting with me today! And thank you for agreeing to be our first featured Bloomflora Bride! We would like to talk about how you and Ryan met, about your style choices, and the overall experiences of working with us.

Lauren Fischer: Thanks for having me. Ok, that sounds great.

B: How did you and Ryan meet?
L: Ryan and I met in July 2012 on a Mexican Party bus in NYC. Crazy right? Actually the friend that invited me saw the same party bus on the parkway on her way to our wedding!
B: That sounds amazing!

B: How long after the party bus meeting were you two dating before you got engaged?
L: After that, we dated for five years and we just got engaged 1 year ago.

B: What was your budget for the wedding?
L: Our budget was $65K. We wanted a luxurious and elegant look to be communicated through all elements of the wedding.

B: What was your dream wedding vision and/or theme?
L: English countryside or English garden! I’ve been to so many weddings recently. I didn’t want something that everyone else had. I wanted a different style venue and theme than what I had been seeing at other events.

B: Did your wedding décor and flowers meet your expectations? And if so, how?
L: Yes, it was everything that we discussed and more! I liked that there was a lot of communication between me and the Bloomflora team. And I liked that we used Pinterest and shared creative ideas. I knew what I wanted stylistically, but I was also open to your ideas.

B: What did your guests think about the evening?
L: The guests loved the venue! They thought the floral arrangements were gorgeous! We all loved the little details found throughout the wedding.

B: What did you and the guests think about our custom Escort Card Display?
L: The Escort Card Display was an awesome added detail and the best alternative to just displaying cards on a table. And I’m not a photo booth girl, so this was really appealing to me. The display was also a lot of fun and one of the main highlights of the evening. All the guests loved it.
The next day we woke up and went through all the photos collected from the display. All the guests took photos of themselves with us, friends and families. It was so awesome, that I am going to take all those photos and display them in a frame as memorabilia from our wedding.

B: What was your experience working with Bloomflora?
L: It was so easy working with you guys. It was enjoyable. It’s like working with a friend I’ve known for 10 years. I never felt rushed. I really felt like I was your only client leading up to my wedding & the wedding day.

B: What would you have done differently?
L: Don’t feel as pressured to have to book a vendor(s) quickly. You can and should take your time. You don’t need to start booking the day after you get engaged.

B: Do you have advice for other brides and couples?
L: Have a vision and start curating your own board on Pinterest to develop your theme & style.

B: In one word, describe your wedding day?
L: Magical!