Coming soon to a road near YOU!

July 10, 2018




Hello Bloomflora Beauties, Lovely Ladies, and Floral Fanatics! We are in the process of launching our mobile business on a road near YOU!  We will be the first Luxury Floral Mobile Boutique in the Tri-State area that specializes in Luxury Floral Events through our Pop-up shop. Floral events that we offer including holiday events, home & table-scape floral workshops, bouquet and DIY wedding instruction, corporate decompression sessions, retail co-op partnerships, product launches-branding, and good old street fairs!

Why mobile you may ask? Because, we think our company is great and we want accessibility to more people across the map. Everyone deserves some beauty in their lives and WE are going to bring that beauty to them!

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Everything looks great! So happy to see you’re expanding your business. You’re so good at what you do!


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